Advanced Selective Plating at Power-Gen Europe

Advanced Selective Plating at Power-Gen Europe

Five Reasons Why Power-Gen Europe Attendees Need to Discover Advanced Selective Plating at Stand 6V46

With large parts and components commonplace in the power generation sector, selective plating presents a fast, efficient and economic method of repairing and maintaining critical equipment in-situ. 

Our capabilities have been proven in projects of all sizes for over 50 years, worldwide. Our team of experienced technicians, backed by our Technical Support and R&D department, will provide you with a level of service and expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

We have the flexibility to support your needs from our strategically located facilities across the world.

A portable electroplating process, selective plating is used to repair and maintain a wide range of worn, damaged and mis-machined metal surfaces.

By using direct current to accurately build up material onto the substrate, selective plating restores and enhances material properties – renovating or improving the performance of parts and components.

  1. Enhance material properties

Components operating in the power generation industry are subject to intense environments and stress from heat, pressure, corrosion, wear, galling and friction. The selective plating process utilises a wide range of chemical solutions to electroplate substrates with a material that enhances the component’s performance.

When the optimum solution is applied by a skilled technician, the performance, longevity and efficiency of a part is greatly improved.  SIFCO Process® benefits include improved conductivity, hardness, corrosion protection, prebraze, anti-galling and slip.

  1. Minimise plant downtime

Many materials that are used in the energy generation process are required to reliably operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Such demands naturally result in a requirement for ongoing maintenance and, occasionally, repair.

Selective plating presents an efficient and cost effective process that enables repair and maintenance work to be carried out on site without the use of an immersion tank.

Using the SIFCO Process®, a highly portable process, selective plating technicians can be anywhere in the world to quickly repair and maintain critical components. In one such case SIFCO ASC, a world-leading selective plating specialist, repaired critical damage – caused by a lighting strike – to a crown mounted compensator (CMC) on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico within 24 hours of being on site.

With a significant gouge on the CMC, which is responsible for applying constant tension to the drill string and to compensate for any rig movement, cylinder seals would leak and cause hydraulic fluid loss, threatening production and the loss of thousands of dollars for each hour lost.

Using SIFCO ASC’s AeroNikl® 7280 for corrosion protection and Cobalt 2043 to cap the repair for hardness and to protect against surface wear, the CMC was back in full operation within 24 hours – as opposed to the three months it would have taken to replace the shaft.

  1. Versatile – from minute to massive critical power generation components

The mobility of selective plating enables large parts and components to be repaired in-situ, without the disruption and logistical challenges of having to remove and ship large and, often expensive, parts to a purpose-built facility.

Anything from landing gear on a jet to components housed within the hull of a vast ship are repaired and maintained by the SIFCO Process®. The scalability of the process is limited by the accessibility of the material or part to a technician; however, selective plating frequently presents the fastest and most cost effective option.

  1. An established and trusted process

Selective plating is a process that has been utilised by numerous industries for decades. Whilst specialist companies, such as SIFCO ASC, have continued to innovate and improve the process, the fundamentals of selective plating remain the same.

Commonly used in the stringently regulated aerospace industry, the SIFCO Process® has been subject to numerous tests and is proven to withstand friction, high temperatures and corrosive environments, while continuing to operate at optimum levels.

The SIFCO Process® is approved by power industry companies and suppliers including GE, Siemens and Westinghouse.

  1. Reduce environmental impact

The targeted nature of selective plating results in a highly efficient plating solution. The main alternative, tank immersion, requires vast amounts of chemicals, heat and electricity in comparison.

Whilst tank immersion is an economic process for multiple components that require full immersion, it becomes less efficient if there are small volumes of parts that only require partial plating.

For critical power industry components such as turbine shaft couplings, valve stems, wind turbine slip rings and nuclear components, the SIFCO Process® presents a sustainable solution for the repair and maintenance of parts versus alternative methods.

SIFCO ASC is a leading provider of selective plating services, chemical solutions and equipment for selective plating. The SIFCO Process® is trusted by leading manufacturers worldwide for metal surface enhancement to improve component performance, minimise downtime and reduce manufacturing cost.

Companies that trust SIFCO ASC benefit from:

  • Leading technical knowledge and expertise
  • Trained and mobile plating technicians
  • Continuous innovation through research and development
  • State-of-the-art plating process and equipment design
  • Commitment to after sales service and support
  • Commitment to environmental standards, obligations and continuous improvement